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National Plan Your Vacation Day

January 30th marks National Plan Your Vacation Day, a day dedicated to turning your travel dreams into reality. As you embark on this journey of wanderlust, allow us to introduce you to the perfect travel companion – Cerenity Vacations.

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Announcements: Facebook Group

Exciting News! Join our vibrant community at the Cerenity Vacations Travel News Facebook Group for real-time updates, exclusive promotions, and major announcements. Let's connect and make every travel experience unforgettable!

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Announcements: Gift a Vacation!

Cerenity Vacations presents the perfect present for any occasion – the Vacation Certificate! Treat someone special to an unforgettable getaway and let them choose the destination of their dreams.

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Why choose Cerenity Vacations for your vehicle rental needs?

At Cerenity Vacations, we understand that seamless transportation is the key to unlocking the full potential of your travel experience. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our comprehensive vehicle rental services, designed to make your journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Let's explore how Cerenity Vacations becomes your trusted companion for all your vehicle rental needs.

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Travel References 

How far in advance should I plan my vacation?

This can vary depending upon what type of vacation and your ideal vacation season. 


  • Flights - at least 1 week in advance (can be as soon as 24 hours in advance under some conditions)
  • Train - at least 2 days in advance 
  • Hotels - at least 1 week in advance 
  • Rental Vehicles - at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Cruise - at least 3 months in advance
  • Attractions & Tours - varies

Is travel insurance optional?

Yes, but it is recommended to cover any possible travel issues. This includes refunds in the event of cancellation or partial payment.

Is there an option for payment arrangements?

Yes, payment plans can be arranged through a third party. (Affirm)

Are there benefits for group bookings?

Yes, groups of 5 or more can qualify for group rates. 

Can my Church or Nonprofit plan a tax free trip?

Yes, documentation showing tax exemption must be submitted on the initial Vacation Information Request Form in the additional details section. 

Are there benefits for frequent flyers?

Yes, Cerenity Vacations can assist with frequent flyer memberships that offer special benefits. 

Are there any excursions or events available in my area?

Yes, Cerenity Vacations offers excursions and event ticketing in all 51 states. 

My vacation is booked, now what?

Now the preparation begins!

A travel checklist can be sent to you to assist with making sure you do not forget to pack something and / or to ensure you have all of the necessary travel documents. 

What would cause someone to not be eligible to fly?

Travel by air is not normally advised in the following cases (this list is not exhaustive):

  1. infants less than 48 hours old (longer after premature births)
  2. women after the 36th week of pregnancy or 32nd week for multiple pregnancy
  3. if you suffer from or have had:
  4. angina or chest pain at rest
  5. an infectious disease (e.g. chickenpox, flu), including COVID-19
  6. decompression sickness after diving (sometimes called 'the bends')
  7. increased pressure in the brain (due to bleeding, injury or infection)
  8. infection of your ears or sinuses
  9. recent heart attack
  10. recent stroke
  11. recent operation or injury where trapped air or gas may be present in the body (e.g. stomach ,bowel, eyes, face, brain)
  12. severe long term diseases that affect your breathing
  13. breathlessness at rest
  14. unresolved pneumothorax (punctured lung)
  15. sickle cell anaemia
  16. unstable mental health or psychotic illness

Can I use an oxygen tank while flying?

If you have a lung or heart (cardiac) condition, your symptoms might become worse during or after a flight, particularly if you become dehydrated or have over exerted yourself. You may need oxygen during the flight, even if you do not usually need it:

  • In advance of your flight you must arrange with the airline the use of oxygen and any assistance you need at the airport.
    • If you use your own home oxygen, you must still contact the airline in advance to discuss if you are able to use it on the flight.
  • You will need to contact your GP or specialist as they may need to provide medical information to the airline.

Can the weather cause my vacation to be canceled or delayed?

Yes, in the event of any major weather or health advisories there is the possibility of delay. Any cancellation due to weather or health advisories will be handled on a booking by booking basis.

What if my plans change after booking?

Contact Cerenity Vacations as soon as any needed changes are noticed so that it can be corrected or adjusted, if possible.

I am a travel advisor, how can I partner with Cerenity Vacations?

Please submit the contact form on this page. Partnerships requests are reviewed within 24 - 48 hours.